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NOT AVAILABLE Here you may provide more details about your self to our readers. You can make a list by pressing the enter key after each line. Here you may provide more details about your self to our readers. You can make a list by pressing the enter key after each line. Here you may provide more details about your self to our readers. You can make a list by pressing the enter key after each line. Here more


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Best Hospital in India- Currae Hospitals

NOT AVAILABLE Currae Hospitals is one of the India's leading top hospitals with advanced technology, best treatment & surgeries for you & your family.Go for the best treatment with the affordable cost.Visit : more

J.Teah Menorwah Jr. (Dj-Gucci Lib)

NOT AVAILABLE Graphic and Web Designer. Work will Big FM 103.9 The Home of Liberian Music. Dj-Gucci LIB (Hipco Police) HOW IT ALL STARTED. 2006 - Talking Drum Studio Best Child Broadcaster / Dj with Certificate. 2008 - King's FM Best Child Broadcaster/ Dj 2011 - Dj at Green FM Accra, Ghana 2014 - Dj at Hott FM 107.9 Monrovia, Liberia 2016 - Dj at Big FM 103.9 The Home of Liberian Music. The Best Place more

Harris H. Arku

NOT AVAILABLE firstly Let me Appreciate God Almighty for life, and secondly to the management and staffs of BUSINESSLIB who have given my the authority to use this website. My name is Harris H. Arku from the Republic of Liberia, and a Senior Student of the William Gabriel Kpolleh Memorial High School located New Georgia Estate. I was born on August 24, 1995 in born County in the capable hands of Mr. and more

Dennis L. Broh

NOT AVAILABLE Hi people out there, i'm Dennis Broh, popularly known as DJ Lancelot from Topoe Village on the Somalia Drive in Garenesville. I am a graduate of the Salvation and Deliverance Christian Academy and forwarding my education career at Y.M.C.A more

Samuel Wuuraola

NOT AVAILABLE I am Samuel but im popularly known as Slim. Am a music producer and i producer under 'Brain Records'. My dream is to become the best music producer in the World because i stand out in everything i do and i have the Spirit of more

Mos Lyke

NOT AVAILABLE It's your boy Mos Lyke, Liberia's gifted Songwriter, Screenwriter, and Music Producer. I live in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I specialize in Hip-hop/Hipco and Afro beats. I spend my free time writing screenplays, songs, and producing beats at my home studio. I am interested in working with talented Liberian artists of ANY status. To check out a few of my beats, click this link: more

M. Abdullah Pabai IV

NOT AVAILABLE M. Abdullah Pabai IV is a Liberian music promoter and a club DJ. He was born unto the union of Mr. Alieu Varney Dukuly Tunis and madam Muneeratu Tetteh Pabai on June 6, ,1992 in Monrovia. He did his high school education at the SALVATION & DELIVERANCE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY in Monrovia. He currently study at the UNIVERSITY OF LIBERIA and STARZ COLLEGE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY respectively. more

Gabriel Sio Juwle

NOT AVAILABLE Gabriel Sio Juwle born unto the union of Mr. Raymond Tweh Juwle and Madam Cecelia Klaleh Wotorson on the 8th day of May 1990. I am a Liberian by nationality and Kru by tribe and Grand Kru County. I am a graduate of the Charles J.S. Young Sr. Memorial Assembly of God's Mission High School with W.A.E.C. Certificate and also a graduate of the Cheale Vocational Training Institute located in more
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A man wasted Sande on the blind man while coming f more


MANDINGO man carried spanner to open bank account. more


One day a pastor of the WATA WATA church came for more



"PA-PA I BOSH U EYE........."

It was on a hot sun when a man,his wife, and their more


There was an white guy living Mabam-Point, and he more


A man when at the bank to pick up his money, unfor more


Once there lived a man who was living in a time ca more

Graduate of St. Thereesa Conven

Once there lived a man who loved to boast that he more

Call My Wife

A Man in hell asked Devil. Can I make a call to more

3 steps to move on

3 steps to move on, CTRL+ALT+DEL. Control yourse more

cut $10LD own 4 ME

buyer: U get bread? seller: yes, bigest 1 for 20 more

Learning to Live without recognition is a skill

There was a farmer who had a horse and a goat?..O more

Know yourself A-Z

What is your Name's First Letter? A = Romantic B more

Liberian Students

TEACHER : Who is d president of Liberia? CHILDRE more


this hunter trap cought animal. on his way to che more

There are no dogs allowed here

A man goes to a bar with his dog. He goes up to t more

3 Ex presidents in Hell

Unfortunately, the ex president for America, Libe more

At the funeral

A comedian was called to perform on a program, an more

Three drunk guys entered a taxi.

The taxi driver knew that they were drunk so he st more
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Delamou Francis Says:

Don't carry your mistakes around with you. Instead, place it under your feet and use them as stepping stones. Never regret if it is good, it wonderful. If it is bad it experience.

Arku Harris H. Says:

IN LIFE, THERE ARE THREE STAGES. And they are as follow: 1. First Class 2. Second Class 3. And Third Class As a human being, don't wish to be to the first class or third class. Always wish to be in the middle. some one may asked, why? It is simply, because when you are at the first class your life is at risk, people will be hurting to kill you. And again when you are at the third class, you regret why you are living on earth because of poverty. So always pray to be at the Middle Class. THANK YOU, HARDIN H. ARKU

Delamou Francis Says:

"I am stronger because I had to be , I am smarter because of my mistake and I still learning and am always smiling because of my pass ...... but the good thing about Me I remain humble ...PRAYING TO GOD IS A KEY FOR HAPPINESS ...." Hazem Harb LebaneseKing

poure wynston Says:

"The essence of Learning is Change, behavioral changes in people. To Learn, a person must want to change, to be better, to do differently, and this change does not occur without resistance. Resistance may be slight, or it may be great, and it may take a variable number of overt and convert forms". ( Lloyd Allen Cook ) Wynston E. Poure


The most determinative and motivating sentence which should always be followed in lif: "THE RACE IS NOT OVER BECAUSE I HAVEN'T WON YET...."


If you learn from your mistakes, you are very intelligent. But, if you learn from somebody's mistakes then you are a genius.


Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; Easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.


The journey of life is with many twists and turns, but with faith and courage, no obstacle can stop you from reaching your goals. Keep faith, peace and kindness in your heart, and you shall always shine.

Delamou Francis Says:

"when people rember you only when they have problem, don't be sad, feel priviledge that you are the candle that light up their darkness"

Delamou Francis Says:

A man without money is like a dead lion who cannot react when chalang come his way

Delamou Francis Says:

When people speaks well of u, know dat u are not of God. And He cannot defend u.
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