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Delamou Francis Says:

Don't carry your mistakes around with you. Instead, place it under your feet and use them as stepping stones. Never regret if it is good, it wonderful. If it is bad it experience.

Arku Harris H. Says:

IN LIFE, THERE ARE THREE STAGES. And they are as follow: 1. First Class 2. Second Class 3. And Third Class As a human being, don't wish to be to the first class or third class. Always wish to be in the middle. some one may asked, why? It is simply, because when you are at the first class your life is at risk, people will be hurting to kill you. And again when you are at the third class, you regret why you are living on earth because of poverty. So always pray to be at the Middle Class. THANK YOU, HARDIN H. ARKU

Delamou Francis Says:

"I am stronger because I had to be , I am smarter because of my mistake and I still learning and am always smiling because of my pass ...... but the good thing about Me I remain humble ...PRAYING TO GOD IS A KEY FOR HAPPINESS ...." Hazem Harb LebaneseKing

poure wynston Says:

"The essence of Learning is Change, behavioral changes in people. To Learn, a person must want to change, to be better, to do differently, and this change does not occur without resistance. Resistance may be slight, or it may be great, and it may take a variable number of overt and convert forms". ( Lloyd Allen Cook ) Wynston E. Poure


The most determinative and motivating sentence which should always be followed in lif: "THE RACE IS NOT OVER BECAUSE I HAVEN'T WON YET...."


If you learn from your mistakes, you are very intelligent. But, if you learn from somebody's mistakes then you are a genius.


Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; Easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.


The journey of life is with many twists and turns, but with faith and courage, no obstacle can stop you from reaching your goals. Keep faith, peace and kindness in your heart, and you shall always shine.

Delamou Francis Says:

"when people rember you only when they have problem, don't be sad, feel priviledge that you are the candle that light up their darkness"

Delamou Francis Says:

A man without money is like a dead lion who cannot react when chalang come his way

Delamou Francis Says:

When people speaks well of u, know dat u are not of God. And He cannot defend u.

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