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3 Ex presidents in Hell

Posted by: Morris Teconblah

Unfortunately, the ex president for America, Liberia and Ex prime Minister for Great Britain ended up in HELL after their deaths.One day the ex president for u.s.a told Satan,"Look Satan Plz lend me your phone let me call my country to know about their welfare. Satan give him the phone and he call for 5 mins.He ask Satan for his bill, and Satan said $5 million, few mins later the ex British prime minister did the same procedure and call for 10 mins. Satan said your bill is 10 million pounds, few mins later the ex Lib president said in a mean voice "SATAN,my man give me your phone i want call too".When he was given the phone, he talk for straight 2 hrs. When he finished he asked curiously,"SO,SATAN OH, HOW MWEH MY BILL" Satan look at him and smile. Satan said "my son your bill that $10 Ld. The Liberian man yelled in astonishment "WHAT...THIS MAN THEM WHO TALK FOR JUST 5 AND 10 MINS YOU CHAR THEM 5-10 MILLION DALLA DEN I WHERE TALK FOR WHOLE 2 HOUR U COME CHAR ME $10.00 LIBERTY?" Satan said "calling from hell to hell that local call, so,that local u was making that why i charge u small money for, the man them was making real over sea call so i charge them big money.

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